Why Me, Why Now?

An exceptional beauty at fifty-five years old, Kitty Krisstal had big green eyes and thick brunette hair. A lion would be jealous of her mane. She was about to have her life tossed around like a salad. What made her really special was her love and devotion for her husband, Stone. But, those qualities also flowed over onto her four critters. She had two dogs named Tara and Reata, and one beautiful black brindle boxer named Desher. But her pride and joy was Fandango, a mocha colored quarter horse buckskin gelding. Kitty and her critters were most definitely on the same wavelength. When Stone was ripped out of her life by a car accident, she lost her zest for life. She never wanted to have another relationship. Loosing Stone was to devastating and she never wanted to go through that again! He had been her perfect mate, sexy, loving, giving, and devoted. Not having a clue about her future she retired from her job, sold their one hundred acre ranch, and nailed down a “hermit” job. Mike, a railroad foreman, was skeptical about hiring a woman but she was fire-armed certified and her dogs were search and rescue trained. But the frosting on her cake was Fandango. There was only two ways to patrol the remote railroad tracks, walk or horse back. Mike hired her over the phone. Packing up what was left of her life and loading up her critters, she headed to Idaho. Never in a million years, suspecting this was one of the worst decisions that she could have ever made. Kitty gets pulled like a powerful ocean undertow into murder, drugs, men that won’t take “NO” for an answer!

-Pamela LoBue

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