Truth’s Companion

A thrilling quest for the truth, attempts to quench the thirst for knowledge, a fascinating journey—Truth’s Companion, in essence. An artifact’s mystery brings together brilliant young minds. Brace yourself for an exciting ride. Miranda found herself a slave of the artifact’s enigma. Guided by Murdock Graille, she and her colleagues give their level best in a concentrated effort to learn the truth, to unravel the mystery, and to safeguard it. Using their mental faculties, together, they make a formidable team, but will their expertise prove useful? Are Miranda and the others ready for that which they seek? Will they live to regret the day they started on this winding road? Give yourself an added jolt of life and excitement; embark on this mentally charged journey. The truth shall set you free, they say. The truth can also hurt, but everybody wants to know the truth, and I’m sure you’re no exception.

-K. R. Williams

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