Translucent Images

In Translucent Images, author A.E.Dodds explores a series of human conditions as well as all of the possible antidotes. Dividing his fictional accounts of the wayward lives of his unfulfilled characters into short stories, Dodds provides his reader with the full picture of what makes just about every type of person the way that they are. No flaw is buffed or indecency glazed over as these characters are witnessed performing acts that range from the most rapturous expression of human love to the most vile and heartless contemplation of murder. Mature subject matters are exposed in very bright lighting as they often entangle themselves in the complex workings of nearly every person who tries to live in this world. In reading these passages, it becomes painfully obvious that there is no true black-and-white when considering the human character, nor do solutions to the problems inherent in the human condition come in one-size-fits-all packages.

-Art Dodds

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