Trails of Many Tales

Rush Walters, a slave turned freeman, struggles to get his life on track after leaving his master. A hardworking and honest man, Rush ventures to a new place to start over only to find himself entangled in an illegal operation run by a gang in the community he has settled in. Quincella Adkisom has Rush, amid all his troubles with the law, run-ins with the gang, and failed relationships, determined to live the life he has always dreamed of, a life of peace and fulfillment, love and inspiration. Adkisom cleverly portrays the era that Rush finds himself in, the time in where a slave is only a freeman by title. The Trails of Many Tails engages the reader in a roller coaster of emotions as we are kept on the edge of our seats to see how Rush finds the life he dreams of. Will Rush Walters find that dream of his, or will it turn into another nightmare?

-Quiencella Adkism

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