The Unchosen

It takes the darkest of times for us to appreciate the brightest light…

Beginning life in a close-knit family, our narrator was surrounded by the love of her mother, stepfather, sister, and grandfather. But as time marches on and paradise unravels around her, our narrator finds herself falling into an endless cycle of difficult situations.

In the summer of 1955, the narrator found herself prematurely married and pregnant. At only fifteen years old, her husband, Handsome, made her life difficult, but their first son, Stevie, redefined our narrator’s definition of hardships, and helped her focus on becoming a stronger person.

This story is just as much about Stevie as it is about the plight of our narrator. It is about a brave boy who lives with his Cerebral Palsy and his mother who learns everything there is to know about how to make Stevie’s life as pleasant as possible.

With each downfall, our narrator proves what a fighter she is as she rises from the ashes like an undefeatable phoenix.

-Midge K. Carole

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