The Seres Agenda

The Seres Agenda follows the double life of a hidden truth revealing researcher who discovers the truth about the existence of a second secretly established U.S. and worldwide government. Further research reveals this classified government signed a treaty with totalitarian extraterrestrials, after World War II, to gain advanced alien technology during the cold war with the former Soviet Union. He subsequently uncovers the shocking truth; that the extraterrestrial race in reality has already taken over the hidden government leaders worldwide to take control of all Earth resources and enslave the entire populous they see as cattle – good only for food. Initially promising to grant power to high-level members of this secret government, the reptilian alien race later pushes to trick and threaten the people of Earth until they can take over completely, then use, and eventually dispose of the planet. After being attacked by these evil forces for coming too close to the truth of the situation on Earth – that all people are in peril – successful hidden truth revealing author, Mark Santfield, starts to put together the long-forgotten aspects of his own life, and his unexpected involvement in Earth’s changing destructive direction to that of a coming unexpected liberating transformation.

-R. Scott Lemriel

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