The Making of a Hero

Mike, an investment broker from Arizona is planning a weekend in the northern part of the state for a testing of his mental and physical metal. He’s finally headed to the extreme hiking weekend he’s wanted to do for years. Little does he know that his testing will be life and death. Nor does he know that an entire planet will be depending on his ability to adapt. Meanwhile on a distant planet a battle is just evolving between good and evil that will affect the entire universe. Jarell, a common scullery girl also does not understand the part she must play in this battle to save her planet and the universe. The key players in this epic tale as yet don’t understand what will be asked of them or how they must sacrifice for the well being of those they don’t even know. All except a few old and forgotten secret sect of people have no memory of the confrontation from the past that has gathered strength all these years and now threatens the life of everyone involved. As the tale begins Mike is sucked from his life and unceremoniously dumped into his new life while Jarell is forced from her surroundings and starts a journey to find out who she is and what she’s meant to do. The characters they meet along their journey are strange yet somehow compelling in their natural desire for the old ways of the world. Few have prepared for the impending disaster that waits silently in the dark to attack without warning. In their journeys both Mike and Jarell find they possess as yet unknown abilities that will become paramount in defending the universe from the evil that is attempting to devour them. Learning to use these abilities causes great harm for some and great help to others, all the while also creating humor.

- Thomas S. Long

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