The Magic of AND

The best description of this book is an attempt to inspire people to use more “and”, less “or” in their decision-making. Most things don’t have to be either/or, all of nothing, that typically a much better solution would involve blending the best features of what seem to be competing elements or ideas. The word “or” typically represents limits and is confining; it stands in the way of compromise. “And” is more inclusive and invites meeting at middle ground. The beauty of this book is it focuses on the simple principal of choice, and how being more cognizant of your ability to use all your choices together can be more beneficial than one choice over another. This book seeks to not provide answers, but a better vantage point on how to improve your decision-making ability. By not allowing your personal preference to hinder your desire to welcome new ideas or solutions, it states you can have a more productive life.

-Philip Binkley

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