The Hidden Pivot

JJ always dreamed about becoming popular and belonging to the “in crowd.” For most people, gaining social approval usually entails the right personality and talent to gain acceptance. However, JJ is not like most people. As a boy who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome years earlier, JJ has always struggled with relationships and has been regarded as “off” by his peers, school and community. And then there is JJ’s obsession with basketball. Growing up in Glendale, a town that regards its high school basketball team as the focal point of the community, JJ has always imagined himself playing and starring on the team. JJ has a great deal of perseverance, but is well aware that perception is something that is almost impossible to overcome. While most avoid him, there are some who want JJ to succeed. There is Mickey, a best friend who is always willing and wanting to give JJ advice. There is next door neighbor Jenny, a kind, beautiful and sweet girl who is always patient with JJ and happens to be JJ’s secret crush. And surprisingly, there is Dom, the all world, popular and athletic kid who roots for the underdog. But will their help be enough? Join JJ and his friends on an unforgettable journey as they try to help a boy realize his dream despite every obstacle thrown their way and perhaps, inspire all those around them while doing so.

- Jack Tapscott & Judith Tapscott

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