The Game

John Henry son grew up in an odd way. Being orphaned at a young age, he found that people still neglected him. He ran away to the forest to find a life of his own. Assuming it would be a quiet and peaceful life, he discovered something entirely different. He found a group of girls that were determined to get him to leave. Although John was a meek boy, he certainly wasn’t going to give up his new home. After getting rid of the girls, John assumed it was over. After two years, the girls return! But this time with a leader and few new tricks. When John is confronted by this challenge, he rises to the occasion. But there are many things he is unaware of, and things he never expected from the girls new leader, Mary Tom son. What started out as a simple war has now become a battle of wits, skill, and cunningness. Will John rise to meet the challenge or will he lose the very place he calls home?

- Glenn Gomez

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