The Capitol of California: Raymond Buchannon

Why was “The Wire” one of the top-rated cable television shows of all time? Because there is no drama like inner-city drama.
You will get all of the drama you want in this gritty masterpiece, which follows the fascinating life of one Victor Raymond.
From foster care to living in an abandoned house as a teen, Victor makes his way in the world and ends up one of the wealthiest and philanthropic men in Sacramento. How he gets there is another issue. Here’s a hint: it wasn’t via an Ivy League education and a job as a mortgage broker.
No, Victor grew up on the streets and mastered them, shooting first when necessary and applying his considerable intelligence to controlling the drug trade in the capitol of California. What you will discover, however, is that Victor is far more than a common thug. This book paints complicated characters on both sides of the law-and-order fence, making them extremely believable and more approachable.
Get an inside look at the daily war for survival on the streets of our cities and, who knows, perhaps you will see this work on the big screen someday.

-P M. Don

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