The Adventures with Mr. Rabbit

It’s time to meet Mr. Rabbit, a friendly cuddly rabbit, who lives in the cribs of all the little ones across the world. Whenever it is nap time and night-night time Mr. Rabbit snuggles with you. While you are asleep he takes you and your little one on an adventure of the grandest scale. The Adventures with Mr. Rabbit takes the reader on several grand adventures in the world of Mr. Rabbit. From the park, to the zoo, and even to the giant aquarium, little ones will be swept away with all the fun and adventures Mr. Rabbit plans for them. Mary Ann Sullivan creates a whimsical and magical world for kids, young and old alike, to become carried away into. Once you and your little one begin, you will go on wonderful adventures! Will you be ready? Mr. Rabbit will be ready to snuggle with you again! Sleep Little One and dream about The Adventures with Mr. Rabbit.

-Mary Ann Sullivan

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