Son of A Gun, Daddy Must Die

The writer brings alive the story of an inner circle of friends who are sworn to protect an American girl of Mexican and Italian descent after losing her mother at the age of twelve years old.

It is a story of how rape sucks the life out of its victims, a heart-thumping drama of how the suspects are held to an innocent plea over a period of twenty-five years, until DNA evidence proves otherwise. It is a story of how the grandfather’s sanity is pushed to its limit, but the bonds of friendship within the inner circle of friends are not broken.

The writer weighs in on the cruel burden of becoming pregnant after a rape, and allowing the child to be born while experiencing the painful future and mental destruction of the victim’s recovery. Just trying to stay alive after the tragedy is difficult.

It is a story of how revenge becomes a resourceful tactic to win back the dignity of a rape victim in the shadow of a painful situation, and how an eighty year old ex-police officer and grandfather becomes a smart criminal mastermind by casting revenge on the accusers. The accusers painfully discover it was the greatest mistake of their past when they raped a college student just before her graduation ceremony. A valuable pledge of loyalty to the victim becomes a painful lesson to the accusers.

-Charlie Chawtoma Davis

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