Perspectives in Criminal Justice

In Perspectives in Criminal Justice, author T.A. Garrison goes beyond the headlines, the courtrooms and the local news and into the heart of what makes the modern American criminal justice system tick. By delving into some of America’s worst nightmares – the Oklahoma City Bombing, the case of Ted Bundy, and the shooting of Gabriela Giffords – she sheds light on how our police forces and court systems have evolved over the last century, and how much work there still is to do. See how forensics and DNA evidence have reinvented the entire field of detective work, and made degrees in technology almost as invaluable as instincts and interrogation rooms. With thought-provoking chapters on police departments versus private security; imprisonment versus rehabilitation and the battle against corruption, Garrison cuts to the heart of the matter to expose both the very best and the very worst of our justice system.

-T.A. Garrison

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