One Second Of Loneliness

Ashton’s predetermined future was revealed by fate and by her destiny, as they turned together moving forward into the next moment in time. Yet she wouldn’t—no, couldn’t accept this moment, running, changing what was to be; thus, time cracked. Within a fraction of what was or would be, fate escaped, and the destiny within time was lost. Fate and her destiny now lure her back to the moment through a chain of events that involves a commercial passenger jetliner slamming into the SF Golden Gate Bridge, where the FBI and SFPD are drawn in. Terrorist revenge for Ashton’s past becomes the motive to set her destiny where it was supposed to be. It’s a race against the end of time, and she is caught within that second, that moment. Fate is now chasing her to fulfill the destiny that she is running from. Time is all but over, and another choice must be made. It’s our own destiny within Ashton’s hands, in her own one second of loneliness.

- Timothy French

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