The Nine Lives of Thomas the Alley Cat

Thomas is a cat whose life is not easy, as you will see through his nine lives.
Thomas’ life begins with heartbreak and disappointment, but through a little bit of luck, and due to his own sense of perseverance, Thomas finds himself in a better situation than he ever could have imagined.
Facing homelessness, almost dying in a fire, the cruelty of other animals, the true impact of cruel words, and other misfortunes, Thomas never gives up hope that he will find a home with someone who will love him and treat him humanely
Explaining the trials and tribulations many children face every day through the eyes of a cat, “Thomas the Cat” properly expresses the daily suffering of some, which is ignored and unseen by most.
With its optimistic message, “Thomas the Cat” is a great way to teach both children and adults how important it is to be kind, and how important it is to be loved.

-Jo (Ackerley) Heurung

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