My Spectacular Bid

This book is about the expedition of a young boy’s life growing up in the 70’s in a small, rural town in Missouri. Throughout, readers will relive the small town teenage experience, the values of lifelong friendship, determination and love, and the incredible beauty of Missouri’s scenery, including a popular local hangout where a mysterious murder takes place. Additionally, readers will be drawn into the exciting adventure of a car theft operation the boy finds himself wrapped up in, which extends across state lines. Coincidentally during the same time, another amazing story of a young American Thoroughbred, Spectacular Bid, with a legendary aura and unmistakable determination to win was occurring. The similarities between the two are evident, and the spectacular win of the 1979 Kentucky Derby is thrilling in much of the same way as the boy’s triumphs. The plot will intrigue the reader as they connect with the boy and the struggles he will face on his journey to becoming a man, including the many crossroads he will encounter along the way. My Spectacular Bid is a must read that will reveal many of life’s struggles, determination, and one teenage boy’s mission to make sense of it all.

- Steven L. Werder

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