My Heart and the Holy Spirit Surrounded by Hell

Have you ever lost a loved one to death, divorce, abandonment, or betrayal? Have you ever been to the point where the pain was so deep, it placed a great big hole in your heart and now you are suffering from an enlarged heart that is in need of a heart transplant? Your life hangs in the balance – if you don’t receive a heart transplant in time, you will die a slow agonizing death.

Pain infiltrated Hope’s heart; she is fighting for her life. Hope encounters the Holy Spirit who says to her, “Allow Me to perform a heart transplant exchanging your heart for Mine.” In Hope’s rejection of the Holy Spirit’s offer, she witnesses Lucifer carrying human hearts in his hand. Hope sees Lucifer dangle the hearts before El Elyon while making accusations against the people of God. She soon realizes her chest cavity has a big hole and her heart is missing. She finds that unknowingly Lucifer has stolen her heart and now her life hangs in a balance between heaven and hell.

- Charmette Jones

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