Life Is War!

In this book the author uses the African proverb and philosophy of “Life is War” as a learning tool to advise the youth and even younger leaders of today on how to examine their lives and succeed in a modern competitive world, and finally how to live in peace with each other. Using the admonishing of elders of the Masai warrior tribe to their growing youth as they enter adulthood, the author touches on common areas of life for the youth and adults in handling modern life conflicts in human relationships, career paths, challenges and perspectives in America and the Western world.

Using his own personal experience growing up in the beautiful small town of Abetifi through Presbyterian schools, through high school in Kumasi, Ghana, and to University of California at Berkeley, the author brings this ancient wisdom to touch and advice the people he calls his nephews, nieces and loved ones behind on relationships, jobs and career paths, marriage and divorce, setting personal and professional goals and how to cope economically and survive on this earth.

In the latter chapters the author touches on human competitiveness and prejudices, using this philosophy to explain racism and animosity, political tensions in America, poverty and wealth gap in human society, and eventually how to live in peace with each other.

This books is a must read for the youth in the modern world as well as adults trying to puzzle out the meaning of life, society, war and peace.

- Kwaku A. Danso

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