Fire In the Bosom

Between Lord Byron and the book of Proverbs one can find much truth, but Harold Prince tried hard to invent his own in the 1950s. Rarely meeting an attractive woman that he did not want to conquer, he quickly changed from a fairly innocent Army recruit to a true Romeo on the Aberdeen Proving Grounds–and beyond. His passionate lifestyle eventually left him with a wife he did not love, a child that he did, and a special lover that waited for him to marry her and whisk her away.
What would Harold do? What would the women in his life do? Here’s a hint, from Proverbs 6: “Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?” A fitting question for the designer Hal Prince, who wowed his employer with his creative instinct and attracted just about every woman who eyed him.
As you are drawn deep into Fire in the Bosom ponder the question of whether we can create our own truths, or if some truth will ring eternally true.

-Al Patterson

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