Agur Judaism Rejects the New Testament
End-Years Commentary is not like any other Christian book that has landed on your hands. As the writer puts it, it is strange: Truth is stranger than fiction, so they say.

Written in simple, articulate English and never dragging anywhere in this four-hundred-page book, End-Years Commentary will surely pique its readers’ curiosity and hold their attention from start to finish as it uses the Old Testament against the books of Matthew and Mark and anagrams to prove that Christ is a fake, a sinner, a robber of Solomon’s writings, a braggart, a serpent, a liar, an egocentric trickster who did not honor his mother, a plagiarist, and a more repugnant character that you never thought about. It is factually shown that, for two thousand years, the Christians have worshipped a false savior.

Would you like to know how Jesus and his disciples added words to the Bible, which was long prophesied in the book of Proverbs? Were you taught of the lie that the New Testament is an improvement of the Old Testament and the Law of Moses? Were you taught to believe the plagiarism that is the New Testament is from God? Do you really believe Christ died for our sins? End-Years Commentary has the answers, and it answers more than satisfactorily.

-J. E. W.

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