Destination Nez Pierce

“Destination Nez Perce” is an action packed early American adventure story.

If your soul is stirred by adventure, be it real life or vicariously through the pages of an adrenalin pulse driving novel, then this one can be placed at eye level on your shelf. You’ll find yourself sneering at evil while at the same time humorously cheering the triumphs against it.

As you follow Cameron Macovey, the grandson of Jacob Macovey, one of the first explorers to venture west of the Missouri River. Jacobs relationship with the indigenous Nez Perce people and the Macovey families on going tradition of preserving the sanctity of the Appaloosa blood line the Nez Perce had developed. If excellent fiction laced with historical fact creates and stirs a visual for you then take this one home.

-R.R. Woodruff

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From the Amazon Web page:
By Laura Martinez on April 15, 2015
Format: Paperback,Verified Purchase.

While I’m not a big fan of Country and Western literature. I enjoyed this Book. It had some really funny moments that left me in stitches! I was also impressed with the amount of research that was done.
I learned a lot about the Indians, and a lot about living in the west back then.

By John Ward on March 23, 2015
Format: Paperback, Verified Purchase

I had waited for this book to come out and I was not disappointed…… Great book and I’m looking forward to his next book.

From the Barnes and Noble Web page:
Posted March 19, 2015.

If you want to read an early western fiction novel, this one is a far cry from the same old tired generic white hat versus villain shoot um up stuff on the shelves. This is a very entertaining as well as informative read. The authors ability to develop the caricatures was creative and very funny at times. Looking forward to the sequel. introduced on the last six pages. Good work, this was a great gift… Lori