Cutting Off a Whale’s Head

The Great Recession doesn’t hit Cree Quinn: it bleeds him dry. His wildly successful business as an adult novelty items wholesaler runs aground. His investments in natural gas wells in Texas prove fruitless. Now that his savings, retirement, and credit cards—even his son’s college fund!—have been totally tapped out, Cree, the narrator and protagonist of Cutting Off A Whale’s Head, quickly realizes his old way of life is in jeopardy. The bank will foreclose on his house unless he can come up with a colossal sum of money, and fast! Lucky for Cree, an unlikely way out washes up against the Golden Gate Bridge: the decomposing carcass of an Orca whale. Cree knows his scheme is desperate, but, in his mind, he has no choice but to do whatever it takes to keep a roof above his family’s head—even if it means breaking the law! Fans of Sam Lipsyte and Arthur Nersesian will rejoice at Cutting Off A Whale’s Head for its deft prose style and characterization. All readers will delight in the humor and insight unique to author K. C. Woodworth as he takes us, and Cree, on a madcap dash through San Francisco and half a lifetime of memories along the way.

-K.C. Woodworth

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