Big Brother Revisited

From humble beginnings, John Landis was born on a farm near Middleton, Pennsylvania, John Landis has become an active writer.
As an avid reader of Hemingway and Jack London, Landis has followed in the footsteps of these great American authors and is writing in a voice that blends intellect with emotions. Landis mastered his crafted under the tutelage of his creative writing professor, Margaret Heineman.
A self-described science and technology nut, Landis has combined his passion for all things scientific and his love of fiction into a writing style that is uniquely his own.
Landis approaches writing with the mentality that one must be strong both physically and cerebrally. This desire for balance is achieved when the author is away from his keyboard. Landis remains active by hiking and enjoying other activities which are afforded to him in the Sierra Mountains.

-John Landis

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