An Uncommon Soul

When asked if he would oversee the implementation of his protocol, Josh never imagined that it would bring him overseas…

After thousands of innocent people are murdered on a picture perfect Tuesday morning, retribution comes from an unlikely source.

The terrorist attacks on 9/11 reshaped the world. For Dr. Joshua Walker, it was the day his old life ended and his new one began. After witnessing the attack on the World Trade Center and losing two of his friends, he begins studying the culture, the political landscape, and the evolution of the responsible terrorist organization in Afghanistan and Pakistan. After publishing two highly informative scholarly papers, Josh is contacted “out of the blue” by an old friend who works for the CIA.

Utilizing his intellectual and urbane skills to help repair the shattered spirit of the country, Josh drafts a protocol statement that radically alters the way the United States confronts global terrorism. Rather than sending in large groups of soldiers, Josh believes that specially trained teams of America’s fighting elite can learn Arabic and Farsi, study Afghan culture, and disguise themselves, thereby enabling them to infiltrate the ranks of al-Qaeda.

Josh is recruited into the fold of covert operations, international intrigue, and political stratagem. Driven by a fierce patriotism, a sense of devotion to his fallen friends, and possessing a wealth of knowledge regarding the history and methodology of al-Qaeda, he accepts every challenge that comes his way. Even if that means going to Afghanistan to prove the effectiveness of the DOTICE Protocol, hoping to ultimately face the terrorists behind the 9/11 attacks, in order to bring one of history’s most heinous figures to justice …

-Jason M. Gold

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