A Little Girl Scorned

The title of the book comes from a little girl who longed for the love of her biological dad, which she never felt like she received because he was never there when she needed him. She felt like she was not good enough for him to love her and even though she had a step-dad who was there for her no matter the situation she still felt like that just was not enough and wanted answers and because she did not get the answers from her dad that she wanted it led her to just go out there and look for love in all the wrong places, especially once she became a teenager. You see the little girl had become scorned and could not figure out how to release that anger she was carrying with her. The abuse became about because that is what she saw growing up in her childhood years. She would see family member’s getting abused and then right back with that abuser but she also seen her mom get abuse as well so naturally when she grows up and become abuse she thinks that it’s okay and that’s how you show someone you love them. When really it’s not but because she was not thought any better this is what she had known to be love.

- Debreka Handy

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