A Cookie to Go

The loss of a pet is a terrible feeling.  DJ Kiggins understands that and in her debut book, A Cookie To Go, she attempts to assuage the pain and the heartache of that absence.
 A Cookie To Go tries to remind those who are left behind, to recall their departed friends fondly, and to focus on the love, fun, laughs, goofiness and companionship which endeared us to our pets during their lives.
However, A Cookie To Go isn’t just for the brokenhearted.  These tales of troublesome tails can be enjoyed with your favorite pooch at your feet or – more likely – on the couch! 
These vignettes share the personal experiences of DJ Kiggins, her family and her friends, but they also relate to anyone who has ever allowed their four-legged friends to wiggle their way into their hearts and lives.   A Cookie To Go makes the grieving turn to laughter!  A Cookie To Go helps readers realize that maybe their dogs aren’t the only crazy ones in the world!  After reading these short stories, the only tears you will feel will be from laughing at the antics of Norman the Golden Retriever, Phoebe the Bichon Frisé and the amusing Weimaraners, Emma and Teufel.
So laugh your way through the grief you may feel, or just share a laugh with friends and family – whether they have two legs or four – with A Cookie To Go!
Please feel free to contact DJ Kiggins on her Facebook page, A Cookie To Go, or at www.djkiggins.com

-DJ Kiggins

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