When Grace Jensen’s uncle passes away and leaves her his small ranch in Wyoming; Grace decides its karma giving her a little push to leave the comfort and confines of her small town in New Jersey to start a new chapter in her life. Unfortunately someone isn’t happy about Grace’s arrival, but who and how far will they go to push her back to Jersey? As Grace balances her job, quirky new friends and a country-fide lifestyle she is unprepared for the sizzling attraction to her neighbor. Grace noticed the man for the first time; his appearance sends a small punch to her solar plexus. He was dressed in faded blue jeans that hugged muscular thighs. A silver belt buckle caught the last rays of sun and sent them skittering across the pond water. His shirt was light blue denim button up that he wore over a white tee that stretched sexily over a large, well-developed chest. Cowboy boots and a brown cowboy hat completed his ensemble. Grace couldn’t guess his age. He wasn’t a pup, but he wasn’t a retiree either. He was actually very, very handsome. Too bad he was such an ass. Blindsided by the explosive heat between them; Grace allows him into her heart and her bed. Confronted with untold secrets, alarming accidents and a man that awakens her deepest desires; Grace will fight for her life and his love.

-Zanne Sweeney

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