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Zutun: The Planet of Dragons

Zutun: The Planet of Dragons is about a world hidden so far deep into the galaxy nobody knows it exist. The world is ruled by the wisest dragon alive, Creatgan, he is the only one who knows what is truly happening to their planet that is until a little dragon is born. The newly born dragon is different from the rest, hes white, he has icy blue eyes, and he grows faster than everyone else. Pulsar, the white dragon, may be their only hope of saving them all from extinction. Will the white dragon who's half god be trusted by his family or will they stand in his way? Creatgan leaves the faith of saving planet Zutun in Pulsar's hands. The other dragons are terrified of him since he is different but, will they learn to trust Pulsar in the sake of their species or will they all parish from whats to come?

--Annie Hernandez

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