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Zora and Her Stars: The Year of the Covid

Zora is a young woman in her thirties. Zora has the world by the ass. Zora is strong, well, and fun to be around. And Zora has a small business she runs with six employees. Then the COVID virus hit her city.

Zora put up her pretty Christmas tree. Zora tells the tree she is going to make it a pretty Christmas tree—the brightest in the whole city.

Zora names her Christmas tree Star. Zora tells Star Christmas tree it was going to save her life one day. It was the only thing that gave her happiness.

The COVID virus hit their old folks' home first. Zora's mom and dad were in one of the finest homes together but caught the COVID virus. Zora's dad tells Zora a long-time secret that changes her and Zora's sister feelings forever.

Zora starts to lose her mind. And Zora knows this. Zora tells her pretty Star Christmas she is falling into a deep dark hole and can't get out of it. A little girl next door opens Zora's front door that night to take a look at the pretty bright Christmas tree, just to find—

Zora loses her mom and dad. Then loses her best friend to this damn COVID our government let in. It is all their fault. Zora has to blame someone. It helps her hang on to her sanity. Or does it?

Zora has to let all of her help go. Zora goes on trying to find herself thinking it's five o'clock somewhere.

Zora gets herself a black lab. Zora named the dog Star. What's in store for this pretty young woman? Can she find happiness and get her sanity back? Well, just think about this: it looks good for Zora. But it's happy hour somewhere. And Christmas can come at any time. What will happen to Holt and the rest of Zora's family?

I hope you find this novel moving as I did writing it. Thank you so much for choosing my book to read.

--Ivey Green

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