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Writing Good Stories: Mastering Language Arts Volume 1

Why read this book? This book walks you through the steps of writing a really good story! Excellent story writing is both a skill and art. The twelve steps explored in this book explain the process by examples, exercises, and reproducibles. These lessons will show you HOW to MASTER this skill.

It can be used both inside and outside the classroom by students and independent learners. The clear explanatory material is followed by reproducible activities that will help bring writing mastery. An answer key is included. This book is volume 1 of the Mastering Language Arts Series. Volume 2 (Everyday Writing) and volume 3 (Mastering Punctuation) are companion books in the series.

This unique approach will help beginner writers as well as writers who want to work on specific story skills. This book is written by an award-winning instructor who has taught how to master many types of writing over the course of thirty years. She has published twenty-three books and fifteen professional articles; has been a state conference speaker, columnist, consultant, instructional review columnist; and has served as a national judge for instructional media. And she is the holder of the TEXTY award given nationally for excellence in instructional writing. She was one of three in her category, and that series has been in print for twenty-three years used in classrooms across the nation. Linda G. Turrell has ten instructional books in two languages in 311 libraries worldwide.

--Linda G. Turrell

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