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Words From the Heart

I never considered writing until I lost a loved one. Then I found myself in a sea of grief with paper and a pen in hand, and I wrote my first poem. Family and friends asked why I was not writing. They said, "You should write more." So after my first poem, It Happens in Life, I wrote a few more, then a story called WHY, then more poems, until someone said I needed to write a book. So here we are. Words from the Heart is exactly that-from the heart. It's bits and pieces from my life. Of course, the stories are fiction, but there is a little bit of me in each one. People tell me I have reached out and touched them, that I have made a connection with them. I hope that I can do that with my words with you, the reader. I now know I am not alone with my feelings; everyone has these. They may not be able to express them in words, but that is okay. As long as I can put a smile on your face or leave you with a tear in your eyes, I know I have touched you. Please feel free to drop me a line or two and tell me what story you liked or disliked-the same with the poems. Page will set up a webpage for me. I would like to know if you liked any of my works. My hope is that you enjoy it.

--Joe Al Green

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