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Without Amen

May 4 of this year marked the forty-sixth anniversary of the Kent State Massacre. On May 4, 1970, four students were shot and killed, and eight were wounded by the Ohio National Guard. The students were demonstrating against the expansion of the Vietnam War in Cambodia. The guardsmen were under orders to take cover and return fire on the unarmed students. The guardsmen said there was a sniper, and the students said there wasn’t one. So after a full-minute volley of rifle fire, four unarmed students lay dead in their own blood. Yet to my knowledge, there was no mention of that anniversary on any media.

How on God’s green earth are we supposed to learn from our history if we aren’t aware of it? Kissy remembers because he wants to. He believes that where we are going should be in the shadow of where we have been. Kissy doesn’t think we should be told how to think. Without Amen is an honest approach to life through the eyes of a clown—where this country has been and where Kissy has been. His views are not for light reading and usually not politically correct. His insight into family, friends, and his faith in God are offensive to some and important to others. I have learned much from Kissy’s unique approach to life. You might agree with him, or you might not. He just hopes you will be less afraid to think outside of the box.

--K.T. Clown

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