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Winning Before the Game Begins: A Reference Guide to Building and Growing a Sales Team

For any business owner, college business professor, or salesperson at any stage in your career, this is a book that will help you or your students develop the knowledge, skills, and processes to achieve extraordinary success in the field of sales and sales management.

In creating, developing, or growing a sales team

• Where should we begin?

• Which is most important, the people, processes, or product?

• Can you lead a sales team when you don’t know the product(s)?

Along with the answers to these questions, in this book, you will also learn the following:

• How to hire and retain quality salespeople

• How reports are a sales manager’s best friend

• Why you must use all four leadership styles to succeed!

In addition, there is a special insert that anyone looking to expand their opportunities should read: “A Reference Guide to Social Networking.”

--Barry J. Vose

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