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Whole Earth Justice

What's This Book About?

Through a series of unlikely events, Justice Miller, a university professor and former hockey star, discovers profound secrets about the fundamental nature of human civilization, the perils we face, and unexpected prospects for a brighter future. Not one to shy away from a fight, she and a group of activists provoke establishment adversaries as they pursue new solutions and strategies to confront our social and ecological problems. In the process, they launch a bold campaign to usher in a new era focused on greater interdependence and justice.

Since humans first emerged on Earth two hundred thousand years ago with our unique abilities and characteristics, we have been on a journey toward this moment. We now face a crossroads and urgent choice: to live together interdependently or die separately. There is no salvation in isolation, no scientific breakthrough that can save us, no amount of money or weaponry or border fortifications that can shield us. Caring about others is the only way to sustainability, social justice, and prosperity. To some, this kind of change may seem idealistic or impossible or partisan or altruistic or even inconsistent with human nature…but they'd be wrong. It's happening right now, all around us, and when you know how to see it, you'll see it everywhere. But more importantly, when you know how to see it, you'll see opportunities everywhere. Not just opportunities to survive…but opportunities to thrive.

--Gene Tierney

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