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Who Do You Say That I Am?

"Who do you say that I am?" is the absolute, most important question in your life. Who Jesus is to you shapes everything, from the way you conduct yourself in public to how you treat other people and to how genuine of a person you are. Do you fear what's after this life? Are you sure but not sure about what you believe? Who you say Jesus is, is the linchpin to all the fears and uncertainties that we all face in our lives. Is Jesus your lord and savior? Is Jesus a myth, just the name in a story? I am here to tell you, that is not the case. Jesus can and will remove all fear and uncertainty from your life if you believe. How you answer the question "Who do you say that I am?" sets you up to see glory or see misery and torment. This book is an attempt to get to the heart of the matter, who Jesus is, and not get bogged down by all manner of theology. That so often just muddies the water. Who Jesus is to you decides your eternal destiny, and nobody can answer that question but you.

--Samuel Pierce

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