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When the Hammer Drops

Make no doubt about it; this book is about real police work. Most importantly, it is about the way our loved ones are affected by our choices; the successes, failures, heart-wrenching tragedies, the generation X’ers, generation entitlements, millennials, and let us never forget the “political correctness” or “incorrectness” of it all. It is also about life and death. It addresses the true story behind a successful career of a man or men who enjoyed their work so much; they believed they never worked a day in their life. It is about commitment to the law enforcement field and trying to live by the law enforcement code of ethics. In the pages that follow, there will be graphic details of the choices people make. There will be sadness even for those who have chosen a criminal lifestyle and could quite honestly care less for law enforcement personnel, let alone their fellow men. This book spans some thirty-six years of career paths and was many years in the making.

--Sergeant N.V. Chapin, Retired

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