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When It Rains

Learning she has inherited the family farm in Ohio, Stephanotis (Steph) Weatherby decides life has offered her a fresh start. Leaving Boston, Steph and her Shetland sheepdog, Misti, travel to Ohio to face an uncertain future. Believing she has left the worst behind her, Steph is determined to create a new beginning after the storms that have turned her life upside down.

Arriving at the farm, Steph soon discovers that she has taken on more than she can manage alone. The small farmhouse turns out to be a mansion, filled with clutter and memoirs from the past. There are decisions and arrangements to be made about the horses and cattle that come with the farm and are currently under the care of her tenant and neighbor, George Landsburg.

Overwhelmed but determined, Steph begins settling down to her new life when she learns that her aunt’s will is being contested. An unknown relative has filed a petition to have the farm and livestock sold with the profits split between them. Suddenly her future in Ohio is in jeopardy.

Boston friends Keri and Betty join Steph in Ohio. Along with George, his wife Jenny, and his friend Hank, they soon become embroiled in a web of danger and intrigue that surrounds the farm.

Steph weathers the storms gathering against her as she races against time to find the missing document that would prove she is the rightful heir.

Discovery of a secret passage and a hidden room not only prove the farm was a stop on the Underground Railroad, but provide the proof Steph needs to keep the farm as her own.

Steph transforms not only her new home, but herself as she faces danger and romance, seeking to open the hidden place in her heart to love.

--KJ Ten Eyck

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