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When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

As a counterpoint to the death and destruction of war and to the stress and structure of being a US Navy test pilot, a corporate executive, and a successful business entrepreneur, Bob Touhey writes poems that celebrate the lives and lessons of the quietness of life, the comfort of family and friends, and the unbridled loyalty of animals. Bob's poems span the decades from a New Year's celebration in Times Square during his final year at the US Naval Academy to the recent death of several of his domestic animal friends. They span the globe from the foothills of Virginia to the teaming life of Bratislava, Slovakia, in Eastern Europe.

Former university professor and Bob's friend, Steve "Doc" Troxel, has written short explanations to help the reader understand the context for each of Bob's poems so that the reader can better understand the gentler side of this decorated Vietnam War hero. Doc, who helped Bob get his wartime memories out of his head and onto paper in Seawolf, Where You From? uses his knowledge of the darker times of Bob's life to present a more well-rounded view of this American patriot and hero.

--Captain Bob Touhey, USN (Retired)

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