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What Does Love Mean to You

This book is about the idealism of love. To me, love is not just a feeling but an inspiration. It's the air you breathe, the flowers that bloom, the animals who change our grounds. It's our forefathers who gave us a chance to become our own. In every inspirational thought, hope in life's ever-changing paths. I can't begin to describe how my words could enter your brain and hears but hopes you can find your own way to enjoy how love grows just each poem inspired you to find the grace in life. I love poems because they are a short phrase to a story. The smallest glimpse in the myths in our lives.Everyone wants their own happy ending, yet sometimes we can't find who or what we are looking for. But the thought always circles our minds. Whenever you find love, you could or should think that's the one or that's the place, but what is it about the understanding that makes you desire. Could it be because you have a lot in common or just safety that kept you sound when the whole world feels like it's at your door? What if you took the chance to be different? Find what it is your truly in love with—a person, a lifestyle, a land, a way of life. Please read this book as if it was an adventure a pathway to enjoy new and old ways of life—sincerely love beginnings to a never-ending story of life.

--Jill Anne Breckenridge Lomax

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