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Wet Paw Johnson

Wet Paw Johnson, a white miniature schnauzer, is a very brave dog. He guards his neighborhood and makes certain it is always safe. One night, his best friend, Boxer, runs up to him with wild eyes and tells Wet Paw that he has just seen something very strange. Boxer is a rather timid, big red squirrel who lives in a tree in Wet Paw’s yard. After hearing Boxer’s story, Wet Paw knew he must investigate.

The next morning, Wet Paw and Boxer set out on an exciting journey to find this strange thing. The pair find themselves everywhere from a construction site to the doctor. It’s a fun-filled adventure for everyone with Wet Paw and Boxer learning a few new things along the way. Wet Paw will not give up until the mystery is solved!

--Deb Lund

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