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We're No Angels

Three "all American girls"—Sasha, nine years old, Laura seven years old, and her sister Crissy, four years old—and their parents have planned a spring school vacation tenting in Acadia National Park. The girls' excitement and newfound freedoms, as one expects from two intelligent girls and one very mischievous, prevail over rules, regulations, and a common respect for others. Their unbridled curiosity and carelessness results in havoc and injury to many of the residents of the park, animals, and living vegetation. A meeting is held with the park rangers and the residents, including the victims. The key witness is a barred owl whose call really sounds like, "Who, who, who cooks for you?" and confirms all the complaints against the girls. The egregious situation mandates the rangers to ask the families to pack up and leave the park. However, at the last minute, Sasha and Laura develop a cogent plan (with a little divine intervention) that not only reverses the rangers' decision but is embraced by the United States National Park Service and are given special recognition by the President for their help in establishing the National Parks Junior Ranger program.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my story.

--Paul Migliozzi

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