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We're Moving Again?!

I used to say that "everyone knows someone who's moving." Whether, you are planning a move across town, placing your possessions in temporary storage, moving across the country or internationally, this book discusses how to prepare for an estimator if the plan is to use a Van Line or self-move. In addition, it provides tips on packing your own moving boxes, storage options, valuation (not insurance), and terms often used by movers. This book does not try to steer a reader into a Van Line or self-move because, ultimately, it is the decision of the family that is, relocating. Hopefully, you will enjoy the stories (all true) that I have witnessed over a fifty-year span. Obviously, all names are changed since the name of the person isn't relevant; it's the story. Movers have a personal relationship with customers as they not only move their furniture but all their possessions, including clothing, books, kitchen items, etc. It is important for the mover to form a rapport with the family so they can be trusted. I always remember standing next to a woman whose furniture had just left in the van when she said, "That's everything I own." That is a big responsibility.

--C.L. Greyson

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