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Welcome to My World

Death, hell, horror, epic twist, destruction, revenge, and complete mutilation of the human body and more are what your fine in this book. Cannibals and nightmares, from the depths of hell trying to stay alive are not easy. Wars fought between friend and neighbors, as more than one tribe against each other over power and land.

Revenge being soughed out by those left a banded or perhaps made to think they were forgotten, and on cheating girlfriends and all those who had a part with her. Camping trip gone wrong when you piss off the wrong high school girl, high school can be so cruel to a teenager, when she finds her boyfriend, with her best friend. Let’s not forget about Mickey who has a whole different look on the club house now when he catches all his friends along with someone in another town who is in the same room it’ll never be the same.

--Brian DeVaughn Jr

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