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Welcome Aboard

After leaving her job in Hawaii and a failed relationship, moving to Los Angeles and knowing that she was literally going to starve to death at her new job, which was total commission, Penny read about a job in the newspaper that said, “Sail, see the world, travel.” Thinking it was the Navy but knowing that she had to have a job, she applied. Fortunately for her, it turned out to be a cruise company that offered her a job in the gift shops on board a ship. She accepted, having never been on a cruise ship before and with the knowledge that she gets seasick. The book contains short stories about getting settled on board and being the new kid on the block, meeting her new “family,” the job, what it’s like living on board a cruise ship for months at a time, the crew and what actually goes on below and above decks, entertainment, the cast of characters that are the guests, a major fire at sea, mishaps and death, shore excursions, and friendships that are made for a lifetime. It’s a decade worth of stories that have to be told, some sad and some funny but definitely entertaining. It was a life-changing decade for her in only the positive sense and was an incredible opportunity to see and experience distant lands and people, in a way that she never imagined. So welcome aboard!

--Penny Jarrett

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