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We Are the Broken Glimpse into a Tormented Mind

Enter into the world of deciphering what is real and what is not. Our story begins with a lifetime of experiences that will pull at your heart. Our character is one whose life can be described as anything but dull. Through good times and bad, his journey will show that perseverance is what makes us go. As the story unfolds, you begin to find yourself on a roller-coaster ride of emotion. The farther you go with the character, the farther you find yourself. What seems to be a typical journey, without notice, turns into something much, much more. What is real, and what is not? What is in his head, and what is reality? Full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing. Is he sane? Is he true? Join us while We Are the Broken Glimpse into a Tormented Mind.

--Jesse E. Reese

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