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Warriors of the Sonic Sabers

The warriors are a trained force of soldiers that use mental enhancement that they have discovered to power the armaments that have been discovered on their own planet. The training that they have to go through to learn what is called the warrior dance, making them one of the most fearsome warriors in the universe. They don't know this to start with. They find out that their ancestors had learned this long ago, but because those ancestors thought that power would be much better to live with than this, they lost the ability to use this learning.

What this learning through mind enhancement would allow them to achieve would bring them out of a defeat by an alien hoard that was sweeping through the universe and others also. These warriors were to be the only way that these monsters could be defeated. These warriors came to Earth looking for a new home where they could live in peace but found out that peace is just a word.

--Wayne Hislop

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