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Visions, Truths & Inspirations: A Life's Journey With Bipolar Disorder

Mental illness should not be taken for granted or shunned. Life itself is a realistically painful journey without having the added burden of having to live it with an illness that still holds a stigma. Together with verses written during times of either side of the poles of bipolar disorder, Sandy tells of her experiences with those she lived with as family members as well as those with whom she came into contact. All this time trying to reach a level of a clear understanding of her own disorder. One which is also called an illness. Sandy's trust was misleading and drove her to relationship after relationship of abuse and rejection, to include a rape by someone she believed would never hurt her. The faith she had in God brought her to an acceptance that her life was not only difficult to define but mostly one that was difficult to endure. But she never gave up.

Sandy's doctors have found a more positive approach in treating her bipolar disorder. She receives an injection of Abilify every four weeks. In addition, Sandy receives an injection of vitamin B12 every month. Together they have been proven beneficial to her mental health.


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