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Eleventh-century England is finally unified under a Saxon king. The Danes and other Norsemen have been pushed back north or subjugated. Even Northumbria, with its old Viking capital of Jorvik, is now ruled as York by the Saxon king. But King Edward is childless and without an apparent heir. There are rumblings that his crown will pass to the upstart Duke William of Normandy, but the powerful Saxon lords will surely oppose it. All the while, Norse kings yearn to reestablish the lost Viking kingdom of Jorvik. All these forces are to meet and clash on the fateful year 1066 and change the course of European history for centuries to come.

It is in these turbulent times that a Norman boy raised in Saxon lands will come of age. Baptized a Christian and meant to devote his life to the Church, his powerful Wyrd takes him down a darker path. Rejecting life as a monk, he becomes a Viking warrior and a true pagan. Among the pagans, he will learn to fight, to kill, to love.

He will join the shifting alliances and battles of Normans, Norse, and Saxons.

He will be entangled in the dying struggle of the Norse gods against the Christian God and his church.

--JL Sosa, MD

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