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UNSPOKEN: Exposing the silent yet critical influence of African Traditional Religion on Christianity

Unspoken: Exposing the Silent yet Critical Persuasion of African Traditional Religion has an enormous unshakable influence on the African Christian churches, both in Africa and Diaspora. This book is a well-researched masterpiece on African traditional religion and Christianity. It exposes the problem of syncretism and paganism in religious practices—emphasizes Christianity as exclusively faith in Jesus Christ and the finished work on the cross. African traditional religion is an organized religion, indigenous in nature, and unique in structure. It combines African tradition and religion. Thus, it becomes difficult for Africans, not to demonstrate some traits of rooted African traditional religion in their practice of Christianity. This book also looked at the dilemma of linguistic study in the use of Western Christian terminologies for African traditional religion. Two important terminologies that frequently occur in the West are the separation of "state" and of "church." If these terms are not redefined, they will make no sense to the African culture because African "tribe territories" are not the same as the Western "states." African traditional religion was passed down collectively through oral tradition, and the tradition may not be overtly displayed but is always hidden within the individuals.

--Joseph Dele Tunji

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